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Travelling girl

‘Nyasa’ has been derived from my country of birth, Nyasaland, then still an English Colony in East Africa. After independence the small African country known for its warm heart and her lake of stars received the name Malawi. We lived idyllic, at the base of Mulanje Mountain, on one of the tea plantations on the mountain slopes. Our family holidays took us to Lake Malawi, Mozambique, Rhodesia and on great ship journeys to Europe to visit my grandparents. Because of the enormous distance to school, this also meant travelling. Preliminary school was a few hours’ drive along dusty dirt roads but later flying was necessary to get to boarding school.

I lived in Malawi and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) till my 19th, then I spread my wings towards the Netherlands where I started my career training. Since, Utrecht has been my home town and from there my worldly wanderings started. With friends, on my own or in a group. The first destination was Crete. Being rather young and gullible then my friend and I got into some rather hair-raising situations and learnt the art of travelling very fast! Thereafter, I became an experienced backpacker and a bit later slightly more of a sophisticated traveler. Amongst these travels was also a year solo backpacking in Asia. My biggest souvenir; all my travel diaries, stacks of photographs and much cherished experiences. Together they are an inexhaustible source for my travel-writing, blogging and naturally using my photographs. I can say all continents have been reached except the Arctic, nonetheless there is still a lot to be explored.

I love travelling and experiencing the world without any borders. Culturally, the people, cities or lazing on a café terrace or beach – I love it all. When not globetrotting I’m a fervent armchair traveler; guzzling up travel related television and movies, reading books set in exciting destinations or about remarkable autobiographies set in far-away countries. I suppose I’ve got travel on the mind!

For my income I trained in a medical profession, next to travelling my main hobbies are travel-writing and photography. Often I’ve participated on several travel websites with my photographs and short stories. They have led to publications and doing freelance work in photography and writing articles on destinations. Naturally, I’ve become friends with like-minded travel fanatics and photographers, thus inspiring and coaching each other.

My photographs, blogs and other posts have my copyright. Should you wish to use one, I’m honored you like it, but please contact me beforehand and credit me when placed on your website.

May I invite you to explore, smile and enjoy my travel experiences. Feel free to contact me should you have any questions, want share your personal experiences and enthuse each other, please do so.

Mireille Velthuis

“Travelling is like flirting with life. Like saying: I would stay and love you, but I have to go.” by Lisa St Aubin de Teran


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