Working with the photograph

Photography being one of my hobbies, I can get tremendous satisfaction whilst working with my photos. Most of my photographs are taken during my holidays. Recently I have been challenged to grab the camera and try new things from home or when I’m out and about in the Netherlands. Also following and being active on certain photography sites, photography social media and following other photographers gives that extra bit of inspiration. And the incentive to try it out myself. On the whole I prefer the more realistic look, but at times it’s fun to play in Photoshop or with a HDR (High dynamic range) programme. Working with layers, words, creating a mysterious atmosphere or expressing colours to make the photograph more dynamic.
Here a few of my first works.

Radio Kootwijk, former broadcasting station for radio en telegraphic communication to the Dutch Colonies in the East Indies. “Hello Bandoeng” Built in Art Deco style in 1918. Also used as decor for the American Film ‘Mindhunters’ in 2004. Edited with HDR

Radio Kootwijk

The Kagerplassen, a group of lakes in Southern Holland, not too far from Leiden. With a group of friends we spent a day sailing. Towards the end of the day it became quite windy and choppy. Edited in Photoshop with layered textures
Windmill Kagerplassen


For a photography assignment I had to make a photograph of ‘Back’. A word that you were free to interpret in any way. I saw this sculpture made by Ria Visscher at my physiotherapist, the photo I combined with words (art) I had seen previously in another building at the University campus. Edited in Photoshop, using the worded photo as a layer.

Alone in myself

Photo taken in the old town centre of Utrecht, ‘Het Wed’ is a small square with several great cafes. The canal you see is also very ancient, and was built between 1122 – 1275, special are its wharfs, quays and dry cellars. The words I found on one of the café walls. Photo edited in Photoshop, with texture layers and the extra word photo layer.

Wed in Utrecht

Photo taken in the old centre of Utrecht, along the ancient canal ‘Oudegracht’, here you see it’s unique wharfs, quayside and dry cellars (built between 1122 – 1275). The Gothic church tower is ‘The Dom’ of Utrecht Cathedral of Saint Martin – 112.5 metres (368 feet) high. Edited in Photoshop, with texture layers and extra layer of a leaf photograph.
The Dom in Utrecht

Photograph taken with the assignment Movement’ which was created by pulling the camera. Later edited in Photoshop and softened with a layer.
Another photograph taken with the assignment Movement’ , here I had made several photos in succession of the bird. The photo was then edited in Photoshop by placing several of the photos over each other in layers.
These photographs were taken at the physiotherapist in one of the hospitals here in Utrecht. It was a time I was not too happy about my situation and having to go for regular training. There for the photos were edited in Photoshop and I worked with a broken glass layer – thus creating an ‘anger’ feeling into the photographs.

Close up of a rose with a mosquito. The photo was edited in photoshop and by highlighting and then turning the colours around it gave a sort of old school black & white photo-negative effect but then in pinks.
Photograph taken in a famous coffee chain shop in Utrecht. In the photo you notice that everyone is talking to someone. It’s a social place. Edited in Photoshop and texture layers were used.
In the cafe
Taken of my hairdresser, here she shows her baby proudly. The tenderness and protection she shows is beautiful. I like the extra accent of the vague shadow of her belly. In Photoshop the picture was edited with a softening layer I tried to create an extra softness.
Tenderness - me and my baby
These photographs were taken on the Dutch island of Ameland, it is a demonstration of the old fashioned rescue squad with horses. What a magnificent sight! This is real horse power! Edited in Photoshop after using the HDR editing. It was necessary as it was a misty sombre grey day.




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  1. Wow, de foto van de coffee chain shop in Utrecht vind ik waanzinnig mooi!

    Groeten, Monique

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

    > Op Aug 1, 2014 om 17:14 heeft NyasaTells het volgende geschreven: > > >

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