Let’s look synchronic!

Today I have joined a social media photography group in the Netherlands, with around 750 people we have a daily group assignment. For a week we Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Google+ our assignment with #Synchroonkijken. Very amusing the creativity and different interpretations of the assignment.

Else Kramer is the instigator of this synchroonkijken group project: http://www.elsekramer.nl/synchroonkijken

Take a look at the days’ assigment collected on Pinterest by Els – each day a new pin-board.

Day 1: Monday 1st July its Socks. That we have a grotty cold summer is evident even furniture is being given a pair of socks!

These little socks are from Turkey, they get pinnend to a baby’s shirt or crib. The belief is that they bring protection and keep away evil. As you see I’ve made sure I’m safe in my car.

Turkish socks for protection

My other sock-it assignment is the socks that have a second life in the shoeshine box!

Shoe shine socks

Day 2: Tuesday 2nd July its “Made by myself”

This is my  website, yes the one you are looking at! “Nyasa Tells”. Being active on several travel photography websites, one of my wishes was to make my own website for my travel -photographs, -experiences & -blogs. With the help of computer-cyber-handy Jaqueline it became a fact in the latter part of 2012.  How come the name? Nyasa, being the country I was born in – Nyasaland, know better known as Malawi.

Nyasa Tells website

My second photo is of a small bowl I made at high school in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). It would have been around 1976. This all girls school being very strict, it was a relief to be able to get out of school once a week for pottery lessons! The lessons were in the teachers home, with tea and homemade cookies! We even had to wear our school uniforms, just in case you decided to make a gap and go out into town! This is one of the last self made pots that have survived the years, it also emigrated with me during my move to the Netherlands. To me it’s a ‘treasure’ from a bygone time. This evening also my self-made tomato salade.

Pottery from school days

Day 3: Wednesday 3rd July its “Summer”.

Yes well… we haven’t had much yet and its darn cold too! Today it’s grey, 160 Celsius and the odd raindrop drizzle. Apparently the large supermarket I was in this afternoon doesn’t believe there will be a summer coming – they’ve thrown everything into the sale! Hence this collage.


Hurray the books for the summer are screaming to be read, now for some sun to laze away in the afternoons. Or will it be curled up on the settee with my blanket and socks? Maybe a better idea, book a last minute to a sunny destination. Will also give me food for my further travel blogging too! Sponsors please…

Summer reading

Rather funny what I spotted in the park, 2 adolescents who were clearly very bored! They had decided to go play on the kiddies swings! Then you must feel really done in with your time & the summer. Poor buggers.

Swinging in the park

Day 4: Thursday 4th July with day theme “Blue”

As you may have guessed I love travelling 🙂  During my travels I try to make contact with the local people. Even when our languages differ there is the communal language ‘smile’ and with gestures and even the tone of your voice some lovely interactions take place. A smile often gives you so much more in life. I also like quotes and thought this one was appropriate for the theme and the smiles for you all. The foto was taken in Kaifeng, China.

A laugh is...

For many years I have lived in Zimbabwe. Until recently my family stilled lived there. Every holiday back in Zimbabwe or Malawi I would come back with bits and pieces and special things. Through the years my home has gotten a very distinct African ‘fingerprint’. These cushions are Zimbabwean and of course with the ever so special African elephant.

Zimbabwe cushions

Day 5: Thursday 5th July with day theme “Empty”.

This took a bit more thinking but eventually my cup of Nespresso coffee latte came with some inspiration. The colorful Nepresso coffee granule cups before and after they have been used. ‘Vol’ being ‘Full’ and ‘Leeg’ being ‘Empty’. The photographs are made with the mobile phone and the collage was made with the App ‘PicCollage’. Great fun these Apps and very handy always a camera at hand this way.

Nespresso Coffee

This is also one of my souvenirs I took back with me from Zimbabwe on one of my holidays. Very simple locally made tin teapot and cups; they are painted by some very creative local ladies and sold to tourists. Excellent way to make extra money. I have never used them, although I guess you could. They are purely ornamental and empty on my window-sill. Also the tea pot is synonym for me and tea, being a big tea drinker – nice and strong with milk the English way – and having grown up op a tea plantation. You could say I even got tea in my first bottles as a toddler!

Zimbabawe tea pot and cups

The box of straws, made me think back to the time the bottom dropped out of the box…Oeps! Like playing Mikado pick-up sticks, haha, only these roll ALL OVER THE PLACE! Looking from the top they are very straightforward empty plastic tubes – the colors make it a playful photograph.

Let's play straws!

Day 6. Friday 6th July with day theme “Something small”

People who have been in Southern Africa, will know about the “Lucky Bean Tree” or officially known as the Erythrina or the Coral tree, The tree with its flaming blossom and red seeds. As a child I would collect these bright red seeds with a black dot that had been scattered in de dust when their dry pod-housing burst open.  Real treasures they were! Often enough you will see souvenirs, necklaces & earrings made from the seeds. A handful of my collected treasures I have kept in a small crystal jar. Lucky Bean trees are found in more tropical countries, though not in my vivid imagination as these African ones.

Lucky Beans

This little dog was my first toy sent to Nyasaland (later better known as Malawi), by my grandparents from the Netherlands. Post that took weeks, being sent by sea mail in those days. Cherished, cuddled and even sucked clean of some hairs! A toy that nowadays would not be sold for young babies, being hard and with ‘hairs’ and so small.

Toy Dog

A macro photograph of this semi-gemstone plaque cutting showing off it’s beautiful grains. Especially when held up to the light the different structures and lines are luminous. I’m not quite sure what kind of a stone it is, amethyst, quartz? It was bought in Zimbabwe and most probably dug up or found there too.

Stone grains

Day 7. Saturday 7th July with day theme “Self portrait”

Okay…I didn’t want my face on all social media, therefore had to think of something creative. Peeking around a door… Or mirrored in a Malawian painting, being an African born child myself I thought this was quite fitting! The picture itself is from “Images of Malawi” by Monica Peverelle, A book of her images was published in Malawi.

Self portrait

Self portrait

All in all an inspiring week! Therefore I have signed up for another week “Take a different look!


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