Twitter photo exhibition – ‘KLIK EXPO’

In 2012 one of my photographs was published in the book ‘Holland as we see it’. The same publisher started a Twitter photo gallery . I was also invited to send in 6 photographs within a theme. Daily, amateur and professional photographers are put into the spotlight with 6 of their photographs and a tweet about the type of photographer they are. 12th March 2013 was my day, the photos were Tweeted on ‘KLIK EXPO’,

The photographs I chose were form Kaifeng, a former Imperial city in China. Now a rural town. The theme I chose was “The simplicity in Kaifeng”; this is what struck me most considering it’s history as Imperial City.

As a photographer, I would say I’m a travel photographer and the photographs are storytelling.

The vegetable seller of Kaifeng

The vegetable shop Kaifeng

A very serious game of mahjongh alongside the city lakeshore, including money negotiations…

Serious mahjong Kaifeng

A walking aid, a chair and a storage box – very handy!

Walking aid

A pleasant chinese card game with a wink and smile for the photographer.

Chinese cards

The local bicycle repair shop, important telephone numbers are put on the wall.

bicycle repair shop

The street corner where it was a coming and going of elderly people.

Elders corner Kaifeng


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