Travel interview Burkina Faso (Published 22.12.2012)

For the travel edition in the saturday Telegraaf Reiskrant (Dutch) an interview with myself has been published – about my travel tips for Burkina Faso.

A while ago I wrote a short travel story on the Reiskrant website “Amoureuze ontmoetingen in tropisch Banfora” Or in English “Amourous encouters in tropical Banfora“. About the lovely small town of Banfora in de the South-West of the country; my wanderings on the very colourful market and an amourous encounter in the local hairdresser!   This story was the reason the Telegraaf got in touch with me for an interview.

On the Reiskrant website I placed another short story about our christmas day in Réserve de Nazinga and Tiebele “Kerst anders-dan-anders” translated “Christmas somewhat different” . What is more beautiful to watch elephants playing in the waterhole,  a pleasant 30C degrees  and no christmas hassel. We visited Burkina Faso in December & January – a good travel time weather wise. More photos of Burkina Faso are here on the website.

Interview Reiskrant Burkina Faso


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