OOG Photography group

Legs.At the beginning of 2012 via facebook a travel photography friend, Esther, put up a post –  she wanted to start a ladies photography group. The intention was to inspire each other, give feedback, teach each other new things, go on photographic outings, expositions and maybe one day have our own  joint exposition. Unique to this group is that we all have our own fields of interests and specialities.  Our personal backgrounds and field of daily work are different, in the photography some are (semi)professional and another is amateur, some have done the Arts Academy, others photographic courses and others autodidact. All of us love to travel!

We are now five ladies and meet once every two months. Of course first we have a good natter, catch up on news, travels and what’s up. Usually we’ve worked on a photographic assignment, a theme which we show & explain about and receive feedback from the others. Wonderful to see how everyone has interpreted their assignment in their own way, often leading to various very original works true to the photographer herself.  Occasionally one of instructs the others on their photographic editing ‘secret’ and another time we discuss inspiring photographic works seen on internet, magazine or in a book. There have also been outings, a visit to an exhibition, an excursion to a national reserve and more will follow.

The name OOG: in Dutch it means “Onder Ons Gezien” – translated literally  “Seen between us”. The first letters of our group name becomes OOG- which in Dutch is an eye.

Our group and their websites:

Nancy Carels: website

Monique van der Lint: website

Yvonne Termeer: website

Esther Hufkens: website

Mireille Velthuis: this website – Nyasa Tells

Boys in Mali

Kids in Sri Lanka

Monks in Thailand


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