Culinary Adventures in Marrakech (Published August 2012)

Sundown in Marrakech

Sundown in Marrakech

Arriving in Morocco on my birthday, February 2012, was a great excuse for the family to give me travel related birthday presents. One of these presents was a cookery course in a Riad in Marrakech.

Travelling up from Rabat by train I was collected at the station by my Riad hosts Edwina en Taoufik from the ‘House of Fusion’, a lovely Australian-Moroccan couple.  Taken care of as a queen – though somewhat cold in wintery Marrakech at night (bring hot water bottles , jumpers & socks in the winter months!), I had the undivided  attention during my midweek being the only staying guest. Evening meals were spent endlessly chatting, laughing and bantering whilst eating the delicious Moroccan dishes made by Edwina.

Cooking lessons in the RiadBut I also came to learn something…and did a Moroccan cooking day with four other ladies. A feast was promised and that’s what I got, literally rolling into bead that night. Great fun doing your shopping in the local market with the just learnt very basic Arabic – Sadam oh alikum, Afak attiniwahhed dja-dja. Also visiting the communal bakery, learning to double roll couscous and hearing the ins and out of the finer herbs used in the recipes. It was great yummy fun, although sometimes getting mixed up keeping up with writing down the recipes, preparing, cooking and eating at the same time. Taking home some really sumptuous recipes!

On two other days I did photography walks in this exceptionally photogenic city. Lovely to see Marrakech with someone knowing the areas where not the hordes of tourists come to.

Several dishes we madeBack home I made a travel blog for the Dutch Travel website ‘Bestemming in Beeld’ (Destination in Pictures). The blog “Culinaire avontuur in Marrakech” was published on the website in august 2012.

The link to the blog “Culinary Adventures in Marrakech” (Dutch)

Eating what we cooked in the Riad

Buying fish on the market

Ladies in the medina selling bread

Welkom in my spice souk


2 responses to “Culinary Adventures in Marrakech (Published August 2012)

  1. I find it fascinating how much the markets resemble those of Southeast Asia. My friends used to weave me through a maze of rice to have me smell the different varieties.

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