Malawi is my country of birth, when I was born it was still an English Colony – Nyasaland. A small country in Eastern-Southern Africa, for a large part a lake. Malawi does her name justice “The warm heart of Africa” a country with smiling friendly people. We lived in the South at the foot of Mulanje Mountain on a tea estate, many holidays were spent at lake Malawi. Most of these photographs have been scanned, taken with a analogue camera some years ago.

Mulanje Mountain and tea plantations

Mulanje mountain with the tea gardens.

Flamboyants in Mulanje

In October / November the main road in Mulanje is coloured brilliant red. Flamboyants at their best. In the tea gardens the whattles flower yellow and my favourite the jacarandas in mauve-purple.

Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi

Malawian Children

Children in a small village near Mulanje, as you can see many Malawians are poor and malnutrition is a large problem.

Zomba kids

Children on Zomba mountain doing their best to sell Michael Jackson and Bob Marley puppets made by themselves.

Selling Chickens in Palombe

Chickens! Chickens for sale! – around the ‘other side’ of Mulanje mountain on the Palombe plains

Zomba Market

Friendly lady selling her zelf made necklaces at Zomba Market


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