Holland as we see it (Published 2012)

Book cover - Holland met eigen On the Dutch photography website “Zoom” I participated and placed several photographs, it was also possible to take part in the photographic competition “Holland met eigen ogen” (translated Holland, as we see it). Photographs were chosen by author / photographer Peter de Ruiter for his book with the same title. The photographs were all made by amateur- semi professional photographers from the Zoom website – 600 participants with a good 3000 photographs. The intention of the book is to give tourists and local Dutch people a complete look into the Dutch culture, her people, activities, towns, landscapes, nature, the coast and festivities.

It is possible to order the book from Elmar publishers ISBN: 9789038921365

Landgoed Zonnestraal

The above photograph was published in the book. The building is the former tuberculosis sanatorium “Zonnestraal” meaning sun ray. Nearby the city of Hilversum in the woods. The building was built in the period of Modern architecture (Modernism 1920-1960) a world wide trend in simple, clean and straight lined buildings. Dutch Architect Jan Duiker designed the building in 1928, snowy white cement, large elegant windows, light and transparant. Built in the philosophy of ‘discarable‘, when not needed anymore, the building can be dismantled and no harm is left to nature. In a way a ‘prefab‘ concept.  Consequently after several years of neglect it was never dismanteld, the building is being renovated and modern art is displayed in the gardens. The Dutch goverment and National Monuments are doing their best to get the building an UNESCO protection & title. Below two more photographs of “Zonnestraal”.

Landgoed Zonnestraal

Landgoed Zonnestraal


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