In June 2011 I was invited to visit Northern Ireland and Belfast as a guest travel reporter. Here is a visual impression of the beautiful City of Belfast.

Belfast Big  Fish en Custom house Web

The Big Fish and Cutom House in the background.

People of Belfast

Take a stroll in the city of Belfast.

Belfast City Hall

Belfast City Hall, city centre and good orientation point.

Belfast City Hall

Belfast City Hall gardens.

Belfast Political Murals a collage

Political Murals in Belfast seen during a tour of the Protestant Shankhill district & the Catholic Falls district. The murals send out a politacal message or have been put up in remberance of heros, people and children whom passed away during the conflict years “The Troubles“. Even to this day there is unrest. Thankfully in the rest of Belfast I felt in no way unsafe, and everyone was so friendly and open.

Peace Wall

The Peace wall, put up to seperate the Catholic and Protestant districts – Falls & Shankhill. Like Bill Clinton we also signed the wall for peace.

St Georges Market

The Covered St Georges market. Built between 1890 – 1896

Titanic Quater

Belfast – The Titanic Quater

Titanic Dry Dock

The Dry Dock & Pump House, in 2011 it was 100 years ago that the Titanic left this Dock. On the 31st May 1911 she floated into the sea, 10 months later the Titanic had her fatal accident.


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