Northern Ireland

All these photographs were taken during my guest reporters trip to Northern Ireland, June 2011.

The Causeway Route, is a scenic coastal route from Belfast to Londonderry. It’s filled with natural attractions, castles & sights. Yes, it really  is “One of the world’s great road journeys”!

White Park Bay

White park bay, along the Causeway route.

Mussenden Temple

Musseden Temple is  was once built as a library. On the cliffs of Castle Rock along the Causeway route.

mussenden landschap VvAA

Mussenden Temple on the grounds of Downhill Demesne

Dunseverick Castle Web

Dunsverick Castle, the ruins in a dramatic setting, along the Causeway Route

Dunluce castle web

Dunluce Castle perched on the cliffs along the Causeway Route.

Carrik a Rede Brug vanaf Portaneevy

Carrick-a-Rede the fishermans rope bridge

Binevenagh Mountain

Binevenagh Mountain, a Basalt rock cliff & Lough Foyle seen from Gortemore.

Giants Causeway

Giants Causway – basalt pillar formations

Derry muur web

Londonderry City wall

Londonderry Bogside

Londonderry Bogside – Murals with a political message.

Londondery Bogside en Mural painting and Poems

Londonderry mural and poems. A message about the ‘Troubles’ in Ireland and the event known as ‘Bloody Sunday’


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